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What Is A Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

It is common practice during the transaction of property to have a Pre Purchase Building Inspection completed.  It is simply having an experienced building inspector complete a thorough inspection of your potential future property investment to identify structural and other potential issues that may need to be fixed, remedied or addressed either before or after settlement of your property.

Completed to Australian Standards every step of the way.  Please scroll down to see samples of our Building Inspection Report and our Pest and Building Inspection Pre Agreement.

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A Pre Purchase Building Inspection Gives You Peace Of Mind

You want to go into your property purchase with as much information as you possibly can.  Having your pre purchase building inspection completed as part of the sales process provides you with additional information to negotiate a fair sales price.  If a home or property is found to have significant issues then this can be raised with the vendor or seller and a potential adjustment to your offer price may be fair, considering the additional costs identified to carry out repairs.

If you obtain an inspection report that lets you know the home or property needs work you hadn’t originally anticipated and the seller refuses to remedy the situation in order to close the deal, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t buy the home. It does, instead, let you know at some point in the future you will need to make repairs to the property. By getting a home inspection, you can prepare yourself for any additional costs that may arise which offers additional peace of mind.  You go into the sale with your eyes wide open.

When do I need a Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

When you are buying a residential or commercial property it is often a condition of sale that you have a building inspection completed. More often than not it is a requirement of a bank or finance institute to provide a detailed building inspection report before final finance approvals can be approved.

Why choose us for your Pre Purchase Building Inspection?

Bringing over 30 years experience in the building industry, including qualifications as a carpenter and joiner, our fully insured inspector Gordon has certainly spent his fair share of time in and around both residential and commercial property. He knows what to look for

Contrary to popular belief, there is no current law in Australia or Western Australia that states you need to be a licensed builder to provide building inspection services and reports. Most importantly you want to make sure that the Building Inspector you engage has extensive experience in the building industry.

If there are significant issues identified within your proposed property investment and therefore a need for the opinion of a licensed builder or structural engineer then be rest assured that we have access to a team of professionals we can refer you to.

Property Services Group WA Building Inspection Report Sample | Pre purchase building inspection

View a sample copy of one of our Building Inspection Reports

Our goal is to ensure you have the detail you need to make an informed decision and where necessary to negotiate during the purchase of your property.

Property Services Group WA Pest and Building Inspection Pre Agreement | Pre purchase building inspection

View a sample copy of one of our Pest and Building Inspection Pre Agreement

Signing our pre agreement form provides added peace of mind to every service we provide to our valued clients.

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timber pest inspection guarantee warranty Perth

If you engage Property Services Group WA to conduct your Pre-Purchase Building Inspection and you also get us to do a Timber Pest Inspection at the same time we are happy to offer you our Timber Pest Inspection Guarantees.

Conditions do apply, so be sure to talk to Gordon about this when booking your services.

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