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Methamphetamines in your home?

Rental Properties
We can test multiple rooms in a house after or during a rental tenancy to ensure your investment or landlords investment property is not either contaminated or being contaminated by the tenants smoking or cooking Meth.

We can detect minute residue from methamphetamine manufacture or use.
A residue that clings to surfaces is left when meth is smoked or cooked. Meth residue can cause a variety of health problems, some severe. Meth residue can penetrate and contaminate any surface where meth smoke would have touched, or people would have touched after handling it. Some experts estimate that smoking meth once in a small room can leave enough contamination to make it hazardous to your health.

Pre Purchase Checks
Checking for Meth should also be conducted before buying a house and can be added to the conditions of sale: Subject to a Pre-purchase Meth test or pre-purchase Meth inspection to test for the presents of methamphetamine. The last thing you need is to find out a property you have just purchased has been used to cook meth leaving you with a rather expensive cleanup and remediation bill to make the property safe to occupy. A meth test could save you up to $150,000 in cleanup costs if a Meth test indicates a positive.

All our meth tests are for testing surfaces for methamphetamine residue. They are presumptive tests only and will not provide you with contamination levels, only a negative or positive indication if over 0.5ug per 100cm2. This level was set by the National Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Guidelines.

Other Information
Test your home or rental property for methamphetamine manufacture
Use & production of Methamphetamines in Australia – ice, meth & speed, – is increasingly becoming an issue, not only causing danger to users, but to those exposed to residues and chemicals which remain embedded in surfaces long after the lab has been removed.
Chemical residues from meth remain in households – carpets, curtains, benches, brick walls, air-conditioners and even plaster walls – any surface can be contaminated and many surfaces and materials once contaminated cannot be cleaned or restored.

Most building inspectors and rental agencies don’t offer meth swab testing prior to purchase and it likely the last thought before renting a property – and whilst there are many properties discovered to be producing or its occupants heavily smoking meth and ice, many homes don’t get discovered. This leave the new occupants exposed to potential health issues. It’s often not possible to know the history of the home that you’re in or if it’s safe for your family habitation.

We can now give you that peace of mind and potentially save you from potentially life threatening exposure left by past tenants or home owners.
Just like cigarettes leave a yellow residue in homes, methamphetamines can leave an invisible toxic film on household surfaces.
Even after repainting & cleaning the chemicals can remain. In fact meth residue cannot be cleaned from a property if repainted. Methamphetamine will mix with your paint roller and continue to test positive no matter how many times you clean the walls.

Property Managers can also benefit from our Meth Testing services when A simple Meth test is scheduled our inspection can determine if the tenants are using meth or cooking methamphetamines within approximately 5mins.

Simply informing tenants when they sign a lease that the property will be tested for meth on vacating will prevent many tenants from smoking or cooking ice & meth inside the property. You could potentially be saving your landlords 10’s of thousands.

Offer your landlords extra protection with a meth test at the end of every lease, or at least yearly. If the test comes back positive you can save your landlord thousands in clean up costs by catching the offenders. Done regularly, meth testing will provide you with a record of evidence for each property until one turns positive leaving the guilty tenants without the ability to blame the previous tenants.

Please contact us today it’s a simple inexpensive process.

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